Introducing KYBOS

In 2009 UNIS COMPUTERS marketed their KYBOS managerial system. The purpose of the software is easy work with well-arranged corporate data. KYBOS creates well-arranged information from corporate data taken from all available sources. All its users appreciate its simplicity and intuitiveness. The system helps managers on all levels with important everyday decision-making. Today there are hundreds of satisfied users and dozens of satisfied companies using KYBOS.

KYBOS is the best way to obtain all corporate data needed easily and in the right time. In many companies corporate data is drawn from many different places and sources. Obtaining a well-arranged display of the data for easy comparison and evaluation is often difficult and expensive for a company.

Data preparation for reports representing the basis for correct decision-making repeats periodically and therefore the costs and time demands keep growing. Together with manual updates this method of working is really expensive and ineffective. The manual preparation may in addition be affected by human error.

That is why we have developed the KYBOS managerial system, a simple and intuitive tool for effective corporate governance. The information needed from all corporate resources is available here with a single mouse click. The system outputs eliminate human error. KYBOS development is based on extensive experience of UNIS COPUTERS in the development of ERP information systems.

KYBOS is the ideal tool for medium and top level management and a strong aid in corporate governance.

introducing KYBOS