Planning superstructure

What will the extension of KYBOS planning bring to you?

An example of the planning module environment:
The KYBOS planning superstructure will allow detailed (sophisticated) planning based on real figures and relations between economic inputs (constants).

Planning can be defined as a deliberate activity including selection of not only future objectives and missions but also activities for their achievement. Therefore planning is future-oriented and creates a connection between the present and the future.

Therefore the planning process must be understood as a target-oriented decision-making process based on determination of the objectives and the ways to achieve them.

We will help you manage the planning process.

Particular benefits of the KYBOS planning extension for companies and managers:

  • The longer you use the planning superstructure, the more exactly it works.
  • Planning based on actual figures and their interrelations significantly increases probability of achievement of corporate economic objectives (turnover and profit).
  • In MIS KYBOS you can automatically display and compare the actual progress of your company daily.
  • MIS KYBOS automatically highlights indicators in which a potential problem may lie.
  • The input planning data is automatically drawn by the superstructure itself from ERP or other sources of any kind.