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Introducing the KYBOS managerial system

Why buy the KYBOS managerial system?

It is the best way to obtain easily and in the right time the corporate data needed for your decision-making.

In many companies corporate data is drawn from various locations and sources. It is not always easy to achieve a well-arranged data display allowing for subsequent comparison or evaluation. Companies must invest a lot of money into it. Data preparation for reports representing the basis for correct decision-making repeats periodically and therefore the costs and time demands keep growing. Together with manual updates this method of working is really expensive and ineffective.

That is why we have developed the KYBOS managerial system - a simple and intuitive tool for effective corporate governance. The up-to-date information neededfrom all corporate resources is available here with a single mouse click.

What will KYBOS do for you?

Two important things:

KYBOS will collect all data of your company from all resources in one place called “data store”. The data is automatically kept up to date.

This concerns data from various information systems such as PRYTANIS, SAP, HELIOS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, MONEY, K2, Karát, BYZNYS, as well as other attendance and surveillance systems. Data sources may include any internet file or data in formats such as Excel, html, txt etc.

KYBOS will change any corporate data with a single mouse click into information essential for correct decision-making on all managerial levels. KYBOS will display, organize, sort, filter and arrange data in a graphic format such as: diagram, spreadsheet, dashboard, calendar. These displays can be easily inserted in your reports, shared or exported.

Who uses Kybos?

Simply speaking all those who work with corporate data and need it for their decision-making. Directors need financial indicators, economic status data, cashflows, accountants will work with the tool for acceleration of book closing and with corporate figures, warehouse managers will be provided with sales analysis and purchase surveys and heads of logistics may use facts about vehicle capacity, technical inspections and company fleet.

What benefits will the KYBOS managerial system bring?

  1. Organize corporate data into well-arranged and complete information from all sources at once.
  2. Allows for intuitive work with data and saves time for needed output assurance.
  3. Facilitates qualified decision making in company management, and thus achievement of higher profit, reduced costs and process streamlining.
  4. Improves work of managers on all levels.
  5. Offers low acquisition costs.
  6. Represents a unified reporting tool across the company or holding.

Do you want to try KYBOS?

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